Since its inception in 2011, DarkCross has quickly grown to become Manitoba’s premier cycling event. DarkCross is a cyclocross race that takes place under the lights at the Red River Co-op Speedway. It is the largest cyclocross race in Manitoba and the only one to take place in the dark. In other words, it is the biggest cycling-themed party in the province.

Cyclocross is one of the fastest growing sports in North America not only because it is fun to race, but also because it is fun to watch. DarkCross is a cyclocross race that seeks to pay as much attention to the spectator as it does to the racer. From the top of the grandstand, spectators can see almost the entire course. The good times will be enhanced by DJs, fire cannons, craft beer, and other elements that make it as much a party as a bike race.

Racers will be happy too, their energy fueled by a number of unique and exciting course features. The journey through the screaming, cowbell ringing crowd on the Grandstand Run-Up will make you feel like a rock star. The darkened off-camber turns on the Lights Unlimited Megabowl will keep you on your toes. The hard packed dirt track will ensure that the speed stays high. And the simple thrill of racing under the lights will ease the pain and keep things fun.

We like to think of DarkCross as way more than just a bike race. It is a unique celebration of Manitoba’s fantastic cycling culture and a great way to kick off the fall cyclocross season.